What we do

Masons on a Mission works with Emily Webb of the Calacyria Foundation, an American non profit, to fund and build vented cookstoves in villages around Lake Atitlan in Guatemala.We also work with Clara Colop of Ixtel, an indiginous a non profit org
working to provide health care for women in the western highlands of
Every year in late Jan or early Feb, roughly 25-30 volunteers arrive in
San Marcos la laguna to build stoves for a week. We work with Emily Webb
of Calacyria, who arranges for the materials, and works with women leaders
in the communities where we will build stoves for the week.
After returning home, as money is raised, it is wired down to Emily &
Clara who buy and arrange delivery for the materials. They also provide
the local masons, who we know and have worked with for years, that will
build those stoves. The vast majority of stoves that MOM has provided, are
built by our Maya masons.