How you can help

There are a number of ways in which you can help. What we need the most are monetary donations . The more money donated, the more stoves that get built.Each stove costs us $150 for the cost of materials and the masons pay, so all of that money goes into their local economy.We fund the building of stoves in the Lake Atitlan area, and on the higher mountains around Quetzaltenango, or
what the Maya have always called Xela.
MOM is always looking for a good fundraising event. You could arrange for
anything from a speaking and slide presentation to a… group, or an event
held at a restaurant. Almost anything to publicize why we do, what we do,
to a receptive audience.
Once every winter, volunteers gather in Antigua, a community not far from
Guatemala City. From there we take a bus up to San Marcos la laguna, a
small village on Lake Atitlan. We spend the next 5 days, in groups of 3,
building a new stove in a different families home, each day per group. It
is an experience like no other, and you will return home a changed person.